Kids Self-Defense

Class Overview

Our kids classes introduce children ages 4 years and older to martial arts in a fun-learning atmosphere. The classes are designed to foster confidence through learning proper self-defense techniques. The classes begin with having the children perform various warm-up drills and calisthenics. Class instruction varies, but includes fundamental jiu-jitsu techniques, self-defense and offensive maneuvers, grappling and basic striking.

Through individual and group drills & games, the children develop physical capabilities like balance and flexibility. Additionally, students begin to develop long-lasting skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and respectful communication and politeness.

It’s widely recommended that children and adolescents spend at least 60 minutes every day in a physical activity that make their hearts beat faster, build muscles, and strengthen bones. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

Additionally, research has shown that by participating in team sports and group activities, children can develop resiliency and become better equipped to interact with others, manage stressful situations and respond to or avoid difficult interactions, like bullying.(Benjamin Fields, PhD, MEd. ADHD and sports: What parents need to know, 2019). It has also been documented that through sport and martial arts, children with ADHD or high-levels of energy and/or difficulty maintaining focus can benefit from step-by-step instruction, repetitive drilling and competition (ADDitude Editors. Karate or kickball? fencing or football? the best sports for kids with ADHD, 2020).


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Class Details

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
5:30 - 6:30 PM