Adult BJJ Promotion Ceremony a Big Hit at Year End

The year-end Adult BJJ belt promotion ceremony was a huge success. The gym was packed full of Ironside members, friends & family – all in attendance to witness this special occasion.


After a light training session among the members and friends, Coach Sina recognized the numerous BJJ practitioners for their hard work. He presented many members with ceremonial stripes for their belt to signify progress in their training. In addition, a few members were honored with new belts, symbolizing a major milestone in their BJJ journey. Those promoted were:

  • Brent Casiglio, promoted to black belt.
  • Dennis Thomas, promoted to black belt.
  • Yon Guenechea, promoted to brown belt.
  • Brent Chavez, promoted to purple belt.
  • Catherine Dougan, promoted to purple belt.
  • Brian Harbison, promoted to purple belt.
  • Siar Bakhshi, promoted to blue belt.
  • Jessie Gonzales, promoted to blue belt.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your support. Congratulations to our members for your continued support and hard work!